Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dig Deeper - August 09 Mix

With the sizzling summer heat its time to Dig Deeper. A deep house mix for your listening pleasure. Inspiration for this mix is the superb record label Dig Deeper run by the uber talented DJ/producer Danny Howells. Danny is scheduled to play in Austin on Sep 30. Don't miss it!

Deep house is best enjoyed with several cold ones. Make this the soundtrack for your local beer summit :)

Sloppy mixing as always, mix can be found here. File = Aug 2009 Dig Deeper Mix

  1. Danny Howells - September
  2. Ian Pooley - Nightscape
  3. Danny Howells - The Shinning (Extended Dynamix)
  4. Soul Minority - 100% Missing You
  5. Sygaire - The Time is Now (Shur-I-Kan Perspective)
  6. Danny Howells - Long Hot Summer
  7. Soul Minority - A Soul Thing
  8. Frank Roger - I'm Still Waiting
  9. Nacho Maro - New Season
  10. Chris Harris, Dom Martin - Whatcha Looking At
  11. The Runners - Woman Please (Jay Shepheard Remix)
  12. Matthias Meyer, Paltac - Skipper
  13. Master H, Francois Dubois - Rise
  14. Danny Howells - Pscychoticbump
  15. Martin Brodin - From Malmoe to Bremen (Sasse Remix)
  16. Luv Lux - Waterpark (KiNK Daylight Dub)
  17. Mark Farina - Life (Pezzner Remix)
  18. Spencer Parker - The Beginning (Michel Cleis Remix)
  19. Michael Jackson - Thriller (David Jones Remix)

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